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Providing affordable, quality educational resources for
schools, teachers, students and the home.

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Teachers Coach
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Bullying Elimination Handbook
Dynamic Learning Styles
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Character Ed
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The CEPNZ is the largest private provider and developer of character education, truancy, anti-bullying, life skills, values clarification/goal setting and learning styles resources for schools and the community in New Zealand.

Over 73% of schools throughout NZ and many in Australia, USA, Europe, SE Asia, the EU and the UK are now using one or more of the CEPNZs educational resources (For a complete list, see our sitemap).

For Examples:

The CEPNZ (Character Education Programme of New Zealand) provides all the resources and support you need to make character education an integral part of your school's ethos, and make the development of good character a part of daily life in your school and your community. We'll show you how to build the core virtues (responsibility, respect, integrity, honesty, etc) into your school and achieve greater academic successes by improving your teaching and learning environment.

starter pack folderThe CEPNZ Starter Pack in Character Education is provided on a CD-ROM and gives you all the resources you will need to get started and supplies access to additional online resources and ongoing support for all the teachers in your school. Through the Starter Pack, the CEPNZ will show you how to establish character education into the life and ethos of the school and integrating it into all facets of the curriculum without creating an extra subject to teach. This new version also includes an introduction to how the development of good character is reflected in citizenship, democracy and public service.


Want to grow your own vegetables? If you are a school, business, factory, organisation, club or an individual, you can now join the School and Community Farming Cooperative. CLICK HERE for details.

Additional Resources:

Truancy ResourcesWe also provide a comprehensive "Truancy Resource Pack" to assist schools in combating truancy and improving attendance. This programme include additional online support, resources, truancy reporting system and online truancy database. See Here for further details.

On 21st March 2005, the CEPNZ initiated a new project - "Terminate Truancy" - If you would like to set up a truancy-free zone in your entire town or district using the CEPNZ Truancy resources and our support, go to Terminate Truancy.

Also see our popular releases: the Teachers Kit, Curriculum Values, Keys to Learning, Basic Maths and Basic English.

All of our programmes, are also available in International versions for the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, South Africa and all other english speaking nations.

The education you provide to our children now, is a reflection upon the type of society we will have in the future.

Ensure that your school plays its part by providing the most meaningful education possible through the implementation of the Character Education Programme.

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