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Provided on a CD-ROM, Web Plus provides you with all the basics on how to use Email, the Internet, your computer keys and how to create your own web pages (complete with software, tools, tutorials and visual presentations to make it easier).

With the tutorials and free software it is also an ideal teaching tool for your ICT students. Before long, all your students will be proficient in the use of the Internet and creating websites. Add a copy of this easy to use CD-ROM to your school library today.

The contents of the "Web Plus" CD-ROM are:

System Requirements: PC or Mac with any Internet browser. Although the downloaded software will not work on Mac computers, all the tutorials can be followed easily on any system with a web browser. In other words, if you can see this page, you will be able to follow the tutorials.

This CD-ROM may not be loaned, sold or distributed in any form to another school or organisation.

Full Price is only $35 each or 2 or more at $30 per CD (while stocks last!) (includes GST and postage within NZ)

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